Medical Items

We are also specialized for the Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer. Recently, we have introduced the smallest size, handy, portable, light weight, one button operation, rechargeable by USB cable, convenient for inhalation anywhere, anytime. We also have following items- 1. Medical Film Viewer (LCD & LED Film Viewers) 2. Thermometer, Stethoscope & Sphygmomanometer (BP) 3. Glucose Monitoring Devices…

Neonatal Products (NICU)

Sysmark Limited, are importing the attached products from different countries where we are specialized for the Neonatal Products (NICU) like
1. Infant Warmers
2. Premature Baby Incubators
3. Phototherapy Unit (Neonatal Jaundice)
4. Jaundice Detector
5. Neonatal Respiration
6. Pulse Oximeter
7. Neonatal Apnea Monitor & Smart Monitor
8. infant Vein Finder
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Stone Wall

  A stone wall is also known as a name of uniqueness. Stone wall is light, flexible and ultra-thin sheet of natural stone (Slate, quartzite and sandstone) The marble and granite veneer product line is one of the most exciting innovations. The natural marble and granite veneers are split in a thickness of 0.10 to…


A wall Decal is also known as a name of uniqueness. A wall Decal is cut with vinyl cutting machines. Most Decal is used in one color, but someone may have various images printed upon it. Decal cuts out to more complex murals covering entire wall. It may feature words, pictures and any design with…


  • A Stencil is to put it simply color treatment, a piece of polyester film with pattern motifs.
  • It has many styles panels and tiles.
  • The beauty of Stencil is that, it can be used in any color according to clients’ demand and taste.
  • It is an incredible flexible decoration with various designs to different surfaces.

Silk Plaster

  Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is a simple and cost effective way to flavor, style and unique texture at home or work place. Silk Plaster is a Performance Venetian Plaster that combines the strength, smooth texture and visual aesthetics of fiber. Silk Plaster liquid is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of natural…

Johnson & Johnson Products- CORDIS

Cardiology: Cordis has been developing and manufacturing products to treat patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease for more than 50 years. Interventional products such as sheaths, diagnostic guidewires, diagnostic catheters, steerable guidewires and PTCA Balloons. Access:AVANTI®+ Sheath Introducer Pioneer of catheter sheath introducer technology. hexacuspid design that provides a balance between catheter maneuverability and hemostasis…

DePuy synthes/Codman for Neuro, Spine and Artho Surgery-Johnson & Johnson Products

1.ASCENT® Occlusion Balloon Catheter Compatible with .014″ or smaller guidewires, the ASCENT Balloons feature a unique coaxial, dual-lumen design to provide enhanced stability, deliverability, conformability, and visibility. 2. CASHMERE® Microcoil A breakthrough in softness and conformability designed for framing and filling an infinite array of aneurysm shapes Unique, complex design combines helical and Infinity loops, allowing the…