Radiology And Imaging

X-Ray, USG Machine, ECG View Box (LED & LCD)

radiology and imaging2

Laboratory Equipment and Reagent

Blood Cell Counter, Electrolyte Analyzer, Immunology Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, RT-PCR & Reagents, Dialysis Machine, Urea Breath Test Analyzer & Kits, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Blood Bank System, Rapid Test Kits e.g. HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Malaria, Dengue IgG/IgM, Pregnancy Test Strip, H. pylori EIA, HBsAg EIA, Anti-HCV

laboratory equipments and reagents
laboratory equipments and reagents2

Rapid and Elisa Test Kits

rapid and elisa test kits


All types of CCU, ICU, NICU and HDU Disposables e.g. Urine Bag, Blood Bag, Catheter, Dialyzer, Cannula, Surgical & Examination Hand Gloves, Blood Collection Tubes, ECG Electrodes, Non-Woven Products and Others


Neonatal Care (NICU Products)

Infant Warmer, Premature Baby Incubator, LED & CFL Phototherapy Unit, Bubble CPAP, Pulse Oximeter, Apnea Monitor, Jaundice Detector, infant Vein Viewer, Baby Weight Scale


Medical Machineries and Hospital Equipments

Hospital Bed, OT Light, OT Table, Patient Monitor, Surgeon Head Light, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump

medical machineries

Home Care Devices

Nebulizer (Compressor & Ultrasonic), Blood Glucose Monitor, BP Monitor, Thermometer & Stethoscope, Neck Therapy Instrument, Medical Fixing Band, Sports Support, Wheel Chair, Sleep Guard, Hot Water Bag etc.

homecare items
homecare items2

Hospital Utilities

hospital utility