Medical Items

We are also specialized for the Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer. Recently, we have introduced the smallest size, handy, portable, light weight, one button operation, rechargeable by USB cable, convenient for inhalation anywhere, anytime. We also have following items- 1. Medical Film Viewer (LCD & LED Film Viewers) 2. Thermometer, Stethoscope & Sphygmomanometer (BP) 3. Glucose Monitoring Devices…

Neonatal Products (NICU)

Sysmark Limited, are importing the attached products from different countries where we are specialized for the Neonatal Products (NICU) like
1. Infant Warmers
2. Premature Baby Incubators
3. Phototherapy Unit (Neonatal Jaundice)
4. Jaundice Detector
5. Neonatal Respiration
6. Pulse Oximeter
7. Neonatal Apnea Monitor & Smart Monitor
8. infant Vein Finder
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