Medical Equipment & Disposable Items

Sysmark Limited operates Medical Devices with state-of-the-art technologies in marketing & promoting of Interventional Cardiology & Radiology products, disposables for Nephrology, Urology, Equipment, consumable e.g. 2D/3D system for EP study , ASP, DEPO synthis/Codment for neuro, spine and artho surgery, Endo Ethicon Suture items, Cordis products, Cath lab devices & disposables and Bio-surgery items and Anesthesiology as well as highly specialized range of Infants NICU products from AVI with the advanced & innovative ideas.

Sysmark Ltd. equipped with high-end ECG machines, Helozen & OT lights, LED/LCD X-ray film viewer, Patient monitor, Patient bed, exclusive and high quality Nebulizer, BP stethoscopes, hand gloves etc. ensuring high quality services provided with responsibility and professionalism.

Home Decor

Our Exclusive and Innovative Home Decor products (Interior Design & Decoration)’ which include wide ranges of designs, styles, beautification and uniqueness. The salient features of our unique products are Silk Plaster (made in Russia), Stencil (made in Belgium), Decal (made in USA) and Stone Wall (made in India). This products especially for esteemed organization, offices, homes, showrooms and surroundings to create a new look with utmost satisfactions.

Floor Solution

Sysmark Limited prides itself on being able to specify the perfect system to suit your exact needs and environment. Our systems can be tailored to meet specific needs including, dust prevention, slip resistant, strength / flexibility, hygiene & safety requirements, easy clean, scratch / stain / puncture / tear resistant, oil & acid resistant, waterproof, antistatic, thermal resistant, UV resistant, decorative / aesthetically attractive, glossy / matt finishes in many colors, tough completion deadlines.

Whatever your flooring requirements, Residential, Industrial Flooring can offer you internal and external perfect floor solution through Super Concrete, Terrazzo Floor, Iron Floor, 3d Epoxy Floor etc.