Cardiology: Cordis has been developing and manufacturing products to treat patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease for more than 50 years. Interventional products such as sheaths, diagnostic guidewires, diagnostic catheters, steerable guidewires and PTCA Balloons.

AccessAccess:AVANTI®+ Sheath Introducer

  1. Pioneer of catheter sheath introducer technology.
  2. hexacuspid design that provides a balance between catheter maneuverability and hemostasis
  3. Rotating suture collar that facilitates greater procedural flexibility
  4. kink-resistant cannula design integrating a soft, flexible inner layer with a stiffer outer layer
  5. A traumatic tip transitions for both the sheath and the vessel dilator are uniquely tapered and manicured

    Diagnose:EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire

  1. Percutaneous entry and guidance of catheters
  2. Enhanced maneuverability
  3. Reduced likelihood of flaking
  4. Finger straightenability
  5. Precise tolerances
  6. Proprietary PTFE Coating Process
  7. Available in multiple shapes and sizes

INFINITI® Diagnostic Catheter

  1. 4F, 5F and 6F line of diagnostic catheters is ideal for coronary angioplasty.
  2. The THRULUMEN Design
  3. Large Inner Lumen
  4. Radiopaque tip

Guiding Catheters Portfolio: VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheter

VISTA BRITE TIP® Guiding Catheter

  1. Indicated for the delivery of inerventional devices to coronary or peripheral vascular systems.
  2. Access and Crossability – The VISTA BRITE TIP® Catheters assist wires and devices to reach and cross distal lesions.
  3. Excellent Visibility – A highly radiopaque distal ultra soft tip helps promote safe atraumatic engagement and precise placement.
  4. Strength & Stability – VISTA BRITE TIP® Catheters maintain shape and remain engaged during lengthy and challenging procedures.

ADROIT® Guiding Catheter

ADROIT® Guiding Catheter

  1. Intravascular introduction of interventional/diagnostic devices into the coronary or peripheral vascular systems
  2. Innovative hybrid braided wire technology
  3. Advanced multi-segment design.

Specialty Balloon:FLASH™ Ostial System

FLASH™ Ostial System

  1. Available for both coronary and peripheral indications
  2. Overcome challenges of aorto-ostial stenting.
  3. Conform to the ostium during stent post-dilatation and angioplasty
  4. Enables the physician to achieve stent wall apposition after post-dilatation, and stability during angioplasty of challenging ostial lesions.

Endovascular : CORDIS® PTA Balloon Portfolio

CORDIS® PTA Balloon Portfolio

  1. CORDIS® PTA Balloon Portfolio is comprised of 0.035 PTA Balloons, 0.018 PTA Balloons, 0.014 PTA Balloons, and Specialty PTA Balloons to help you treat routine and challenging cases.

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