Silk Plaster

 Product Origin: Russia 


  • Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is a simple and cost effective way to flavor, style and unique texture at home or work place.
  • Silk Plaster is a Performance Venetian Plaster that combines the strength, smooth texture and visual aesthetics of fiber.
  • Silk Plaster liquid is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of natural products, silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive as well.
  • Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is environmentally friendly which is extremely required in these days


     Product Origin: Korea 


  • A Stencil is to put it simply color treatment, a piece of polyester film with pattern motifs.
  • It has many styles panels and tiles.
  • The beauty of Stencil is that, it can be used in any color according to clients’ demand and taste.
  • It is an incredible flexible decoration with various designs to different surfaces.


Product Origin: USA


  • A wall Decal is also known as a name of uniqueness.
  • A wall Decal is cut with vinyl cutting machines.
  • Most Decal is used in one color, but someone may have various images printed upon it.
  • Decal cuts out to more complex murals covering entire wall.
  • It may feature words, pictures and any design with various shapes and sizes even as small or as large as required.

Stone Wall

Product Origin: India


  • A stone wall is also known as a name of uniqueness.
  • Stone wall is light, flexible and ultra-thin sheet of natural stone (Slate, quartzite and sandstone)
  • The marble and granite veneer product line is one of the most exciting innovations.
  • The natural marble and granite veneers are split in a thickness of 0.10 to 2.00mm from big stone slabs.
  • Polyester resin and glass fiber on the back side are holding the grains together.
  • The rough split, natural looking surface and the changing colors make each sheet a unique piece and an aesthetically attractive display.
  • The application areas are Wall-covering Inside, Outside, Ceilings, Reception Desk, Corporate Walls, Cabinet Doors, etc.