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Medical Equipment & Disposable Items

Sysmark Limited operates Medical Devices with state-of-the-art technologies in marketing & promoting of Interventional Cardiology & Radiology products, Life Care Solutions, disposables for Nephrology, Urology, Equipment, consumable items etc. The company is closely collaborating with renewed manufacturer and its products as follows:


  • Life Care Solution (Maternal & infant Care, Ventilation, Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Cardiology, Anesthesia Delivery Solution, Respiratory Care) products of GE Healthcare.
  • 2D/3D system for EP study (Biosense Webster- part of Johnson & Johnson family of companies)
  • DEPO synthis/Codment for neuro, spine and artho surgery
  • Cordis products
  • Cath lab devices & disposables and Bio-surgery items and Anesthesiology
  • Infants NICU products from AVI with the advanced & innovative ideas
  • High-end ECG machines, Helozen & OT lights, LED/LCD X-ray film viewer, Patient monitor, Patient bed, exclusive and high quality Nebulizer, BP stethoscopes, Hand gloves.

Home Decor


Our Exclusive and Innovative Home Decor products (Interior Design & Decoration)’ which include wide ranges of designs, styles, beautification and uniqueness. The salient features of our unique products are as follows:

  • Silk Plaster (Origin- Russia): Silk Plaster and cellulose fibers cove style, strength, smooth and unique aesthetics fiber-texture at home or work place which consists of natural products covering friendly environment, cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive as well.
  • Stencil (Origin – Korea): A Stencil puts simply color treatment, a piece of polyester film with pattern motifs use in any color according to clients’ demand, style and taste.
  • Decal (Origin – USA): A wall Decal cuts with vinyl cutting machines with various images printed upon features words, pictures and any design with various shapes and sizes.
  • Stone Wall (Origin – India): Stone wall is light, flexible and ultra-thin sheet of natural marble and granite veneers stone (Slate, quartzite and sandstone) which thickness of 0.10 to 2.00mm from big stone slabs applying Wall-covering Inside, Outside, Ceilings, Reception Desk, Corporate Walls, Cabinet Doors, etc.

Floor Solution


Sysmark Limited prides itself on being able to specify the perfect system to suit your exact needs and environment. Our systems can be tailored to meet specific needs including as follows:

  • Super Concrete: Easy to maintain, cost savings, available in wide variety of colors and designs, resistant to moisture transmission issues, sustainable flooring alternative which use large warehouses and warehouse outlets, retail stores, office buildings, private residences etc.
  • Terrazzo Floor: Completely unique in its appearance with different amount or ratio of marble, quartz, granite, extremely durable, easy maintenance, wide variety of colors and designs, high strength and longevity, smooth surface which use in shopping malls,  shops, boutiques, offices, clubs, cafes and restaurants, apartments, private houses, hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, galleries, museums etc.
  • Iron Floor: Pourable material, Very friendly product of the environment, Suitable for under- floor heating systems, photo resistant of roller chairs which use in industrial flooring, public and commercial flooring, residential flooring, decorative flooring, office flooring etc.
  • 3d Epoxy Floor: An incredibly huge selection of colors, images and materials, a large-scale art object, strong and durable coating, resembles a decorative stone floor, no cracks and voids, environmentally friendly which use in public and administrative buildings, Hotels, Stairs, corridors, playgrounds etc.